Mah-Jong for Linux, Unix, MacOS and Windows



This is a set of three open-source (GPL) programs which provide a networked Mah Jong program, together with a computer player. Thus the game can be played by four humans, by a human and three computer players, or any other combination. There is a server program, which handles the game - only one game, since I'm not trying to compete with Yahoo! and friends -, an X client to allow humans to play naturally, and a computer player. The version of Mah Jong is that generally called Chinese Classical. Of course, there are many variants within this; I intend to accommodate most of the more interesting variants via options, but this is future work. In the longer term, I might also be interested in adding Hong Kong and Japanese versions. I'm not interested in adding American versions, though somebody else might be.

Books on Mah-Jong

The best book for use with this program is A. D. Millington's Complete Book of Mah-Jong; this is now considered the standard reference for the classical Chinese game, and my program uses Millington's rules. It's now out of print, but second-hand copies are available from Amazon UK.

Web resources

The single most important Web resource for mah-jong is Tom Sloper's Mah Jong FAQ site. Check there before anywhere else, for almost any question.

A recent UK-based site which contains a short (but accurate) summary of several aspects of mah-jong is at I'm not sure what the plans for the site are, but it looks worth keeping an eye on.


There's a bunch of screenshots in the directory screenshots. Each is a gif of about 40kB.

Making a donation

Do you enjoy using this program? Would you like to help me improve my Mah-Jong book collection, buy me a virtual drink, or whatever?

You can make a donation via PayPal. The amount is up to you; if you want a suggested figure, how about fifteen euros/dollars?