Mah-Jong for Linux, Unix, MacOS and Windows


Source code

Source code (current and old versions, and patches where appropriate), in the form of gzipped tar file, can be found in the Source directory.

Linux binaries

The (no longer provided) mj-linux-i386 binary distribution was compiled under GNU glibc-2.2.5 (aka libc-6), XFree86-4, GTK+ 2.6. It should run on practically any Linux i386 system.

The mj-linux-x86_64 binary distribution was compiled under Xubuntu 18.04. It should run on several modern distributions.

The normal Linux binaries are in the Linux directory.

For Debian users: xmj is part of Debian, as a package called mah-jong.

For Fedora: it's in the package mj.

For FreeBSD, it's games/mahjong.

However, the packages are several versions out of date, so don't use them.

Windows executables

The obsolete mj-win32-i386-gtk[12] distributions were compiled under Windows 2000, with fairly recent MinGW, and GTK+ for Win32 version 1.3 release of 2004-03-15 for -gtk1, and a recent GTK+2 release for -gtk2. The -gtk1 binaries should in theory run on any Win32 system (except old systems lacking MSVCRT.DLL); the -gtk2 binaries need Windows 2000 or later, because GTK+2 does.

The current mj-win32-i686 (gtk2 only) is cross-compiled using MinGW32 under Xubuntu 18.04

The binaries are in the Windows directory.
For the current distribution, and some older -gtk2 distributions, the necessary DLLs are included in the zip file (which is why it's so large).
For the (very obsolete) -gtk1 distribution, you need (if you have not downloaded them before) the libraries in the (1.8MB) file which you will also find in the Windows directory. The contents of this file should be unpacked into the folder of the mj program.

Making a donation

Do you enjoy using this program? Would you like to help me improve my Mah-Jong book collection, buy me a virtual drink, or whatever?

You can make a donation via PayPal. The amount is up to you; if you want a suggested figure, how about fifteen euros/dollars?