Mah-Jong for Linux, Unix, MacOS and Windows



2020-06-26: Version 1.16 adds a couple of requested features (possibility to get an alert when mah-jong is possible, and indication of when other players are waiting to claim or pass), and fixes an old bug. 32-bit Linux binaries are still not provided (let me know if you really need them). A new Windows binary package is provided, by cross-compilation, and with newer Gtk+ libraries.

2019-06-07: Version 1.15 fixes a couple of minor bugs, and adds a display option to disable rotated text. This release is not currently available for 32-bit Linux, or Windows, as I do not at present have build environments for them.

2014-01-06: Version 1.14 fixes still remaining bugs in saving and resumption, and adds a few small convenience features to xmj.

2013-08-29: Version 1.13 fixes a major bug in a feature that presumably nobody uses, namely saving and resuming of games. It also fixes a very minor bug in the graphical client.

2012-05-04: Version 1.12.1 fixes a minor problem with the distributed Makefile, which had crept in at some point. As this affects only those building from source, binary releases have not been made.

2012-02-03: Version 1.12 fixes a couple of minor infelicities in the interface (in particular, the robot options in the new game dialog are now saved between sessions). The Linux binaries now include a version for 64-bit x86 architecture. The code should now be 64-bit clean.

2011-08-29: Version 1.11 fixes a couple of minor bugs, and a long-standing minor missing feature. The latter is that it is now possible to convert a pung to a kong immediately after you claim it, if you accidentally said "Pung!" instead of "Kong!". Note that xmj now needs version 2.14 or later of GTK+2. If this is a problem for somebody, let me know.

2009-07-10: Version 1.10 converts xmj to use the current GTK+2 toolkit instead of the very old and unsupported GTK+1 toolkit. It also adds a few new features (mostly at the UI level), and fixes a surprising number of rather long-standing bugs. I recommend all users to upgrade. The Windows version is not as pretty as the new Linux version, but now all the features (such as accelerator keys) work in Windows as well as in Linux. (Note that a GTK1 version is still available for Windows, in case you want to run it on an old Windows system where GTK+2 doesn't work.) See the CHANGES for a summary of changes.

This is the end of the line for xmj version 1. There will be no further releases except bug fixes. It's possible that a much improved version 2 will appear one day, but this could be anywhere from a year to a decade away, or never!

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